If you have cancer, people may expect you to tough it out, or be strong. But the reality is that no one is prepared for cancer...

...and it comes along and disrupts every part of our life: our jobs, family, exercise, recreation, and sex life. Suddenly we are forced to devote 100% of our energy to something we'd never thought twice about before.

This 7-step system of counseling has been developed through years of work with cancer patients. It is an extremely efficient method for helping people take control of their lives and overcome fear. Here's how it goes:

Step 1: Get Emotional Support

Step 2: Quiet Down Your Mind

Step 3: Solve Problems Creatively

Step 4: Overcome Pain

Step 5: Re-Think Priorities

Step 6: Cope with Procedures

Step 7: Examine the Meaning of Your Illness

Step 8: Conclusion

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