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Dennis Gersten, M.D.

Energy is one of the most critical factors that governs our life. Most of us feel we don't have enough energy. And of course, the real issue with energy is the available energy versus your output of energy. This is not a simple issue for energy is the final common pathway of everything. Almost every illness manifests one way or the other in a loss of energy.

In a real way energy reflects how one is leading one's all the pieces fit together . . . whether the input of energy matches the output. These imagery techniques do not address the medical reasons for fatigue nor the need for exercise and good nutrition to help fuel our energy metabolism.

One key issue with energy relates to meaning in our life. If we believe our actions are meaningful and that they contribute in a positive way to society, we are likely to have more energy available than if we would if we believe our actions are meaningless. Thus question #1 with energy is this: Are your actions and aspirations in line with each other? Do your actions make a difference . . . a positive difference? If not, the despair you experience will be a permanent energy depleter.

Mind and Energy

Some of us are drained by our own minds. We are exhausted by the gymnastics our own minds put us through. You may find that using a mantra to slow down your mind will not only make you more peaceful but will give you more energy. The mind that races around all day uses a lot of energy in the process.

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