fear fear

a sketch by

Phyllis Krystal

Here is a "Sketch" that came out of the prolific and imaginitive mind of Phyllis Krystal.

The Jack

Remember that childhood game called Jacks? Picture a large Jack about four or five inches across. This jack is made out of light. Imagine that the Jack is being lowered in front of you as if it is suspended by a cord or rope.

The Jack continues descending until it is in front of your solar plexus. . . several inches away from your body. Now imagine that all your fear pours out of your body into the center of this Jack of Light. Perhaps your fear has a color to it, a texture. Like a colored river allow the fear to pour out and dissolve into the center of the Jack.


Now imagine that pure golden light is pouring in through the top of your head. That light enters the space where the fear had been and fills it up. Continue this process of letting the fear pour out into the Jack. . . and filling the place where the fear was with light.

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