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Peak Performance

Whether your goal is to with the Gold Medal in Figure Skating at the Olympics . . . win the Presidency of the United States . . . become a best-selling author or rock-star - or whether you just want to achieve your personal best at whatever you do, there are some powerful techniques that are a must. It's a well-known fact that Mental Fitness is as important as Physical Fitness for Olympic and Elite athletes. Here are some of the main tools to assist you in becoming a winner in your game . . . or in the game of life.

1. Long-Term Visioneering

Establish a clear vision of your goal. Let's use the example of a marathon runner to illustrate the exercise on this page. Practice "seeing" yourself winning the Gold, standing on the center platform, hearing your national anthem being played at the Olympic games. Practice running that race in your head seeing the final outcome - the Victory.

2. Mental Rehearsal

You'll want to mentally-rehearse every aspect of your event. Run the race in slow speed . . . and then in "reel-time." Rehearse the race using your sense of sight as dominant feature of your imagery. Rehearse again using the sense of touch . . . feeling your feet hit the ground just right. Rehearse again using the sense of hearing . . . listening to the sound of the wind in your face, and the sound of your breath.

Rehearse again using all of your senses together.

Throughout the day, if you think about your race and picture yourself stumbling or making some other error, stop everything and mentally-rehearse the event correctly . . . even if that means stopping in the middle of a grocery store for a few moments to correct your imagery.

3. Image of Success

In addition to Long-Term Visioneering, ask your unconscious mind to provide you with an image of success. This will be a symbol that may not initially appear to have anything to do with your event. You may "see" an animal - a dragon or lion - or the image of a Samurai Warrior. Work with your own image of success.

4. Dress for Success

I don't mean shop at Nordstroms (although that too is a good idea). Imagine yourself wearing the outfit of a winner. This image may be the same as the image of success. Let's say your image of success is a Samurai Warrior. Imagine yourself dressed as that Samurai and spend days at a time "wearing" that outfit. This is a very powerful technique.

5. Enhancing Images

During different parts of your Marathon race, you'll want to pull on a variety of images to assist you. You may imagine that you are running like a gazelle. Allow yourself to "become" the gazelle.

Or you may imagine a rope arising from your chest that attaches to a bird . . . or a plane. And that rope lifts you along in your race.

6. Mood Words

Mood Words are verbs like: "explode," "blast," "cruise," "fly," etc. You'll want to incorporate mood words into various aspects of your event. For example a sprinter may want to use the word "explode" as he blasts out of the starting blocks. More about Mood Words in a minute.


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