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Prosperity and Abundance


Dennis Gersten, M.D.

Get Rich -Now!

O.K. let's get right to the point. If all those "Get Rich Quick" schemes really worked, why do people keep looking for the next idea, the next book that will help them join the millionaire's club? I don't have a "Get Rich Quick" technique for you. But I do believe that it is very difficult for wealth to come your way if you're not ready for it. Prosperity involves determination, persistance, patience . . . and luck. Not to mention timing! The Universe has its own timing. The fact that you may not be wealthy right now may have nothing to do with "poverty consciousness." It may not be because you are not "creating the reality of wealth." It may be that your time has simply not come yet. Of course, in addition to determination, luck, timing, and perseverance, you need to have a very strong long-term Vision . . . as well as a realistic assessment of what you are selling. Is there a markeat for what you are selling?

One of the great limiters in our lives is our unconscious beliefs. "I'm not good enough to have that." "I couldn't possibly do that job." "I could do that . . . if." "I'm not very good at that." "Oh, no I'm not artistic."

We limit what we can do, who we can meet, what experiences we can have. We limit all the good that can flow to us when we could be opening up and letting more of life flow to us . . . and through us. Here is an imagery that Phyllis Krystal uses to help us open up to life's possibilities. This technique may not make you rich right away but it will at least help you be open to the possibility of prosperity and abundance.

Imagine that you are sitting in the center of a golden circle. The radius of the circle is your arm's length and only the rim of the circle is golden, the rest being clear. Above you is your Higher Consciousness (the High C) which you may imagine in any form, with any name. Imagine that the High C forms the top of a cone...and the golden circle forms the bottom of the cone.


Another cone emerges from the High C going upward and outward toward the sky . . . toward the Universe. Thus the entire image is of an hourglass. Get in touch with whatever you are lacking in life. Do you want love, friendship, a better job, heightened creativity? Become aware of limitations you are placing on yourself. Now ask your Higher Consciousness to allow whatever you need to flow from the Universe into the top of the cone, through the narrow neck of the hourglass, down into the lower cone . . . into your life.

I asked Phyllis what impact this imagery has and she replied, "Oh, it is just amazing. People come back to me and say they have just received new job offers, or they've met new people, had new experiences. People realize how they've been limiting themselves unnecessarily and they begin to really open up and receive."

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