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Romance: The Secret Key


Dennis Gersten, M.D.

It's no secret. Romance in America is a disaster. Divorce rates exceed 50 percent. How many married couples do you know who you admire or would like to emulate? Speaking for myself, I can count the great marriages I am aware of on one hand.

So, the first key to romantic success is to forget everything you ever believed about romance and marriage. That's right. At least for a few minutes forget everything you believe to be true about romance and realize that we, in America, do not have the marriage thing figured out at all. Before we go any further, I'd like you to ask yourself a few questions:

1. Do I want to be married?

2. Why do I want to be married?

3. Is there a purpose to marriage?

4. What is your idea of the perfect marriage?

5. Who are your role models of a terrific marriage?

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