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Spiritual Connection


Dennis Gersten, M.D.

The Power of the Name and the Form

I have noticed that when I discuss spirituality in the privacy of my office, 99% of my patients will talk openly about God. However, in a conference setting, few people will openly use the word God but will talk about their Higher Power or a Universal Intelligence. In either case, people are hungry for a deeper connection with the divine. The simplest, and most powerful technique I know of to assist people in deepening their faith is to have them visualize their form of God and silently recite the name of God that they hold near and dear. They time this recitation with their breath.

People are asked to imagine, for example, that Jesus is right there in the office next to them. I have them picture him from head to toe and then make contact with him by holding his hands and looking into his eyes.

Allow his love and light to pour into you and imagine that he loves you unconditionally and accepts you despite all the things about yourself that you consider to be imperfections or terrible mistakes. As you are picturing his form, begin reciting his name. Sometimes the name will be more the focus for you, and sometimes the form will be.

This technique is too good to be true but, in fact, it is quite powerful for people of all faiths because it makes their connection with God a real and immediate experience. If people do not worship a form, I ask them to imagine a divine light. Developing a spiritual connection leads to enhanced emotional healing, and the faith and hope that are instilled serve as a strong support no matter what the problem or illness.


The Maypole

The Maypole, an imagery technique from Phyllis Krystal, helps us get in touch with God or a Higher Power. Use this imagery to heal your body, mind and spirit.

Picture a maypole and imagine that God, a Higher Power or Universal Intelligence is sitting on top of the maypole. Dangling from one of God's hands is a ribbon. Pick up the other end and allow God's love, joy and healing energy to flow into you.

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