5 Steps to Develop Powerful Motivation

Every action ultimately begins with a thought. You cannot get well or attain a goal if you're not motivated, if there is no will.
Here are the 5 steps:

1. Thought
The average person has 15,000 random thoughts per day. Practice mantra meditation or breath meditation in order to slow down your mind. For most people, those 15,000 thoughts are largely worries, fears, or concerns about the past. When you slow down the mind, you will be able to determine which concerns and thoughts are the most important for you. Let's say you have chronic fatigue syndrome. In order to recover, you must start with the thought, "I'd like to recover."

2. Desire
Focus on that thought until it has staying power, and is not just one of those random 15,000 thoughts per day. Visualize yourself getting well. Crank up your thoughts about recovery until they become a desire.

3. Intention
When your desire is strong enough, it will become an intention. This is a long way from the first thought of recovery. "Intention" means "I will recover. I will do anything and everything. I will turn over every stone, every opportunity, every theory, every technique. I will not be stopped in my quest." Now that is INTENTION. And you need strong intention if you are to succeed at anything, whether it be winning an Olympic Gold Medal or overcoming the suffering from your illness.

4. Prayer
Now that you have turned your initial thought into a desire, then an intention . . . it is time to pray. Larry Dossey, M.D. has written three books on the power of prayer, showing the scientific data that prayer does, in fact, work. How it works is your guess. Is it God who listens and then responds? For some, the answer will be, "Yes." However, the prayer studies show that Buddhist prayer is as successful as more theistic religions, and Buddhists generally do not pray to God. It is the believe of The Gersten Institute that there is a natural progression from thought . . . to desire... to intention... to prayer. When you pray, you are empowering your intention and are calling on forces beyond the limits of your body to assist you in manifesting that intention. Call it what you want, but realize that prayer is intention taken to the next level.

5. Action
Once you have developed strong intention and have prayed, it is time for action. Your action step may be: a. I WILL have the surgery b. I will not have the surgery, but will commit to Oriental Medicine. Now you must do your research and find the best practitioner of Oriental Medicine you can find. c. I will begin an exercise program and will ride an exercise bike for 10 minutes a day for a week, 15 minutes a day the next week, 20 minutes a day the third week, etcetera.

Use and understand these five steps at every choice point you have in life. Failure to understand and energize any of these five steps will lead to less than optimal results. Success and determination with all five steps will make you invincible. That is a strong statement, but consider it for a moment. We all die, but along the way we all can be heros. Heros and zeros both face the same fears and obstacles. But the hero takes the plunge, jumps across the abyss, charges into battle. He is no less afraid than someone who is not a hero. He simply knows what is the right thing to do, what he must do... and he does it.

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