Surrender Does Not Mean Giving Up

An attitude of surrender is essential for true healing to occur. By surrendering I mean "fully experiencing the illness as it is right now and not pushing anything away or clinging to anything." Part of the difficulty for many of us when we have any chronic illness is that we deny we really have it. We're pushing it away without going through it.

Surrender does not mean giving up. It means accepting "what is." And only after one has truly accepted "what is" will the opportunity arise for something new to take its place... for healing to occur.

As an example: anxious people are anxious about being anxious; depressed people are depressed about being depressed, etc. When I treat someone who has severe panic attacks, one thing I recommend they do is find a nice comfortable chair to have their panic attack in. In other words don't panic about the panic. Remove one layer of the problem, the layer of the "reaction to the symptom or illness." After you remove that layer, go into the illness directly, fully experiencing it without pushing it away. That's what surrender is all about.

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