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Hippocratic Oath
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About The Gersten Institute was built in 1992; only one year after the Internet went public. Dr. Gersten had a feeling that this new thing, the Internet, was going to be very important, so he started building The Gersten Institute for Higher Medicine to represent the many facets of his life and work. Dr. Gersten practices integrative psychiatry (with a subspecialty in interactive guided imagery) and nutritional medicine (with a subspecialty in amino acid therapy).  His vision for The Gersten Institute for Higher Medicine was as an online information source for those seeking help mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Dr. Gersten had published Atlantis the Imagery Newsletter for many years. As Atlantis was winding down in 1991, he saw that Atlantis could live on through the Internet, and so here we are! 

Dr. Gersten’s life is about healing and creating beauty. As a doctor he has written 4 books, published 400 articles, and consulted on many areas that mental imagery touches: health, MindBody connection, pain control, PTSD, peak performance, politics, and more.  As an artist/musician he has composed 2,200 songs, 5 symphonies, 3 CD’s that were received by 2 different Popes, and hundreds of pieces of fractal art.  It is now time to offer both sides of Dr. Gersten on The Gersten Institute for Higher Medicine. This site does not look like state-of-the-art websites of the 21st century, and that is intentional.  We have chosen to keep the original feel, the inspiration in 1991 that created this site.


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