Meet Our Editors

Over two dozen celebrated experts in their fields will open the world of imagery to you. . .

Achterberg Jeanne Achterberg, Ph.D - Menio Park, CA

Borysenko Joan Borysenko, Ph.D - Boulder, CO

Bresler David Bresler, Ph.D - Santa Monica, CA

Canfield Jack Canfield, Ed.D - Culver City, CA

Carlson Mary Jayne Carlson, Ph.D - Thousand Oaks, CA

Corless Inge Corless, R.N., Ph.D - Chapel Hill, NC

Courtney Richard Courtney - Jackson's Point, Ontario, Canada

Crawford Don Crawford, Ph.D - Northeast, MD

Dossey Barbara Dossey, R.N., M.S. - Santa Fe, NM

Dossey Larry Dossey, M.D - Santa Fe, NM

Hicks Pamela Hicks, R.N., M.S.N. - Jacksonville, FL

Jaffe Dennis Jaffe, Ph.D - San Francisco, CA

Jensen Peter Jensen, Ph.D - Donmills, Ontario, Canada

Jordan Sid Jordan, Ph.D - Charleston, SC

Krystal Phyllis Krystal - Los Angeles, CA

Kuttner Leora Kuttner, Ph.D - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Mehl Lewis Mehl, M.D, Ph.D - Tucson, AZ

Morse Barbara Morse, M.S., R.T.R - San Diego, CA

Quinn Janet Quinn, R.N., Ph.D - Boulder, CO

Remen R. Naomi Remen, M.D - Sausalito, CA

Rockey Ed Rockey, Ph.D - Santa Fe, NM

Romero Pepe Romero, Ph.D - San Diego, CA

Rossman Martin Rossman, M.D - Mill Valley, CA

Sheikh Anees Sheikh, Ph.D - Milwaukee, WI

Siegel Bernie Siegel, M.D - New Haven, CT

Simonton O. Carl Simonton, M.D - Pacific Palisades, CA

Zdenek Marilee Zdenek - Reseda, CA

These contributing editors icons are symbols which represent their work, or, in some cases, their world view.