Questions and Answers

Q: While I am practicing the Figure 8 with a symbol or person, I have become aware that I can either concentrate on the blue light or the symbol/person. So when I am concentrating on the blue light, I am not consciously aware of what is inside the other circle. Does it matter? Does the subconscious see the whole picture?

A: As long as you concentrate on the person or symbol in the other circle when you begin the exercise, all you need to do is visualize or think of the blue light making the Figure 8 around the two circles. Yes, the subconscious sees the whole picture.

Q: Based on your article in the last newsletter, we are having some trouble understanding a clear path to work on a physical problem. Is there an exercise for giving instructions to the subconscious concerning a physical problem or does the work only consist of removing the barriers through the Figure 8?

A: When working on a physical problem, we need to ask the Hi C to provide a symbol to represent the problem. If this is unsuccessful, then the method described in the Workbook involving drawing or modeling the symbol will make it possible to find one. We do have to remove the old programming and replace the negative messages with positive ones. But in doing so we need to be careful not to identify with the body. We can do this by giving the subconscious positive directions to free the body from the problem. For instance, not "I am going to get healthier every day," but "Please, subconscious, bring my body to optimum health."

Q: Very often I have a stream of thoughts that prevent me from falling asleep at night. The sleep I do get is often superficial and unrefreshing as most of the time I seem to be involved with my mind in everyday activities. I have been using the Figure 8 and the Beach Ball. Is there anything else I can do?

A: You can use the Tape Measure exercise from the Workbook. You can also imagine that your thoughts are written on a blackboard, which you are erasing with a wet eraser. People have told me this is very effective. You can also put a harness around the Monkey Mind and pull it back from the everyday activities and firmly tell it that you need to go to sleep. In addition, you can speak directly to the subconscious, saying that it knows how much and how deeply you need to sleep and then trust it to bring that about.

Q: If we need to cut ties to three different people all at the same time, how do we do it?

A: You should cut ties with only one person at a time or it is confusing as we have a different relationship with different people. If, however, you want to cut from a group such as fellow workers, you can visualize them all in the other circle. Then you would cut the two circles apart and let go of the other circle containing the group.

Q: Can one ask the Hi C for advice on all matters such as business and family, not just spiritual matters?

A: Yes, you can ask the Hi C for advice about anything and everything you need. There is no limit.

Q: Can we visualize the Triangle throughout the day?

A: Yes. If you can remember to do so it is very helpful to keep contact with the Hi C.

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