Using The Symbols

By Eve Burtanek, Germany/USA

In 1994 I heard Phyllis Krystal's name for the first time when I went to a therapist in Germany (I am German) because my first marriage ended in disaster, leaving me and my little daughter overwhelmed with incredible debts from a gambling husband. My life seemed destroyed without prospect for the future.

My therapist taught me how to protect myself through the Circle of Light, the Cylinder, the Beach Ball and the Pentagram. This was indispensable, because my former husband was life threatening. I learned how to use the Figure 8, the Triangle and the Hour Glass. Very soon I began to feel an inner change. Something had come into my life I could rely on independently of all the changes, perils, fears, uncertainties... I had previously tried different methods, but this was very pragmatic and simply effective thanks to the symbols which talked directly to my subconscious.

I was guided through several cutting sessions. After each cutting the outer circumstances changed in a dramatic way. Within an astonishingly short time I solved my financial problems with lawyers and bankers. I prepared for these encounters by visualizing the participants and connecting with them through the Maypole and the Figure 8. At every meeting I formed the Maypole and asked for guidance. I saw a very bright light filling the room and protecting me. I demonstrated a firm and clever attitude till then unknown to myself. I am convinced that these techniques made it possible for me to rebuild a solid base for my daughter and me to live.

Moreover, I was guided to my true love and spiritual life partner whom I met at a conference in NY. , which was not only the first step to a new and fulfilling marriage, but also to my new homeland, America. Before we were married, we were separated by the Atlantic so we had the following arrangement: every day at the same time, 5 p.m. in the USA and 11 p.m. in Germany, we meditated using the Triangle with the Figure 8. We then built the Maypole together with my daughter and other persons in our lives. The colors of the ribbons changed from time to time, depending on the specific situation. I profited a lot from the color green because I had to be extremely pragmatic. Finally we visualized the three of us in the Hour Glass, thanking for all the blessings and holding up to the spirit our most urgent needs, asking for the right solution. We ended our joint meditation in sending loving energy through our folded hands to each other, our beloved ones, our enemies and people in deep need and misery.

Our relationship became immensely strong through this meditation practice. We've overcome all kinds of problems and dangers. In 1996 my daughter and I immigrated to the US and I then married. My husband and I keep on practicing the Cutting the Ties techniques, trying now above all to free ourselves of negative thought forms of the past.


When performing the Figure 8 in preparation for a cutting, in order to get the message to my subconscious in a more powerful way, I draw a picture of myself and the person in the other circle. Then using glue and gold glitter I trace a circle around each of us to represent the gold circle of light and with glue and blue-green glitter I draw the figure 8 to represent the circling blue-green light traveling around the two of us.

By Jane Ivey, USA

A few months ago I did a presentation at our local hospice group on the Cutting the Ties work and how to use the Figure Eight with a patient close to death or already lost to death. Later I did a "cutting" for the group. It went very well and the feedback was wonderful. There were so many different losses and each person was able to use the meditation to facilitate their own cutting, each in a unique way. I am presently beginning to work with pregnant women going into labor by using the Figure 8 to cut from the pain, not the experience. Soon I will begin teaching pregnancy, postpartum and newborn massage and stress reduction techniques, which will include a section on the Cutting the Ties work. I find pregnant women very open to the centering and cutting techniques, much like hospice patients. I would appreciate any feedback from others who are working in this area.

By Ernestine Lüdeke, Spain

In Menorca there is one group that has been working since April and they told me their most wonderful experiences, which made me very happy. One person, in a very short time, found a job, a car and an apartment by practicing the Hour Glass; another person, by using the Figure 8, could release from trying to make her husband do what she wants, and now he does exactly what she had always missed; another lady cured her daughter and son from nightmares by showing them the Beach Ball; etc. "It was just overwhelming for me."

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