Beliefs That Heal

Dr. Gersten is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He specializes in psychiatry and metabolic medicine. The modalities he utilizes include: traditional psychotherapy, meditation, guided imagery, breath work, mood words, paradoxical and strategic interventions (inspired by the work of the late, great Milton Erikson, M.D.), brief spiritual psychotherapy, as well as a host of nutritional approaches, of which he specializes in amino acids. His philosophy regarding healing can be simply stated: "If you are motivated and do not have structural damage to your body, such as liver cirrhosis, myocardial infarction, stroke, etc, then you can be helped through the techniques I utilize. If you do have structural damage, then you will need a miracle in order to be cured... and I have seen many miracles. There is always room for hope. It is my job to help inspire you on your healing journey, as long as you want to go on that journey. Of course, all of us die, so it is folly to state that everything is curable. No one advocating New Age Guilt need apply here for work. I have come to see that change can be, and often is, instantaneous. That's not what I was trained to believe, but I see many people who after only one or two visits are cured and do not need further assistance. Others require years of help. I do not have a formula that applies to everyone who comes to this site... or to the Gersten Institute in Solana Beach, California. Each person is unique. No two people with the same diagnosis really are the same. Each of you is at a different point in the course of your illness, if you are sick. Each of you has powerful inner resources that you may or may not have fully tapped yet. I help you look both at the dark side and light side. A treatment approach that only asks you to look at the dark side can never show you where your light is, where your strengths, dreams, visions, and life purpose are. Dive within all the pages on this web site to get inspired, to help sort out your own beliefs, to find the tools that best suit you in getting better than well."

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